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For a few years now, I’ve open-sourced some of my side-projects.

A large majority are tooling associated with AWS ecosystem. They are useful for my specific use-case, but they are mostly an excuse to let me learn something new.

Hope they could be useful to someone else.

Don’t hesitate to contribute or open a simple Github issue for ideas or new feature requests.

🔭 [MAMIP] Monitor AWS Managed IAM Policies Changes

Periodically grab AWS IAM Managed policy and check if there are any changes initiated by AWS development teams. It’s useful to see fixed policies and product launch just a few minutes/hours before the official announcement.

Link: Monitor AWS Managed IAM Policies

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🔐 aws-security-toolbox

A container dedicated for DevSecOps folks containing all community-driven tools for security analysis on AWS

Disclaimer: Work in progress, ongoing issues.

Link: aws-security-toolbox

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👀 instance-watcher

Get notified for running AWS Instances (ECS, RDS, Glue, SageMaker, Redshift) across all AWS regions. Useful for non-production/sandbox/training AWS Accounts.

Link: instance-watcher

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📬 AWS Security Digest Newsletter

Weekly curated AWS Security digest Newsletter using mailbrew. (161 subscribers as of January 2021)

Link: AWS Security Digest

📈 Twitter Cockpit

The goal of this cockpit is to retrieve and store unlimited history of specific Twitter Accounts based on a Twitter List. It means that you can control it from Twitter which accounts you want to graph the follower/following history.

Link: cockpit.zoph.io - Blog post

🔈 qTweet

Dead simple SQS to Twitter Speaker.

Serverless application who publish AWS Simple Queue System (SQS) message to Twitter using Lambda function and AWS Secret Manager.

Link: qTweet

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🐣 aws-pet-project-template

A template to convert a new idea to a functional “Proof of Concept”. Bootstrap your project easily using CloudFormation or Terraform, Makefile…

Link: aws-pet-project-template

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⏰ serverless-jobs-using-fargate

A template to schedule jobs using Docker container on AWS using Fargate (serverless)

Link: serverless-jobs-using-fargate

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💻 ansible-mac-install (forked)

Ansible runbook to boostrap your brand new macOS installation with devtools, and SRE/Ops applications.

Link: ansible-mac-install

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🗼 tower-control

Multi-Docker containers for Observability of Home Automation Systems - Jeedom: Grafana + InfluxDB + Telegraf

Link: tower-control

🏠 update53-pub

Update Route 53 DNS Record with your current public IP (Like DynDNS)

Link: update53-pub

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📣 s3-backup-notifier

Daily notification on the absence of an object on AWS S3 Prefix. Useful if you want to check the presence of a daily backup file.

Link: s3-backup-notifier

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