Hi Folks,

My name is Victor GRENU, aka (@zoph), Husband, Father³ 👸👸👸 and Harley Rider ✌. Living in Paris, France.

I’m Problem Solver, Builder, Hack3r, Trusted Advisor, Cloud Computing Aficionados, Trying to automate everything I can.

I’ve started my career in Information Technology (IT) in 2005 in a glass factory at Saint-Gobain as a System Administrator.

Currently, I’m working as a Public Cloud Practice Manager and Cloud Architect mainly on Amazon Web Services (AWS), designing secure, scalable, and cost-effective Cloud Architectures, dealing with large-scale systems.

I’m also leading Public Cloud subjects: Public Cloud Migrations, Infrastructure Lift, and Shift, Security Hardening (DevSecOps), Cost Saving (FinOps), Proof of Concept, Go to Cloud Strategy & Governance and Cloud Advisory.

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AWS Certifications

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Back in time

Previously, I was Technical Account Manager (TAM) at Microsoft, Cloud Architect for Mediametrie, and Ops Manager for SNCF Logistics (STVA)

I’ve started my career in Information Technology (IT) in 2005 at Saint-Gobain as a system administrator (intern).

My IT journey began more than 20 years ago with an Apple Performa 5200. It’s funny to remember the specs of this computer: 75MHz, RAM 16Mo, HD 1Go 👌. Nowadays I’m still using macOS on a daily basis.

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Runs Participations Distance (km)
Half-Marathon (20km de Paris, Semi de Paris/Boulogne)  5 21
TheMudday  3 13
Nike 10km Paris Centre  3 10
Paris Marathon in 2017  1 42,195

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