From Plumber to Blogger

Previously I wrote an [article]({{ site.baseurl }}/cloud/Jekyll-Pipeline-CBCD/) on my blog’s pipeline, It was quite complex for this dead simple use case:

  • Publish static website from markdown files
  • Automate build to convert markdown in html static pages using Jekyll
  • Be able to preview articles with draft subdomain

Few months ago, during the re:Invent'18, AWS launched a new service called AWS Amplify Console, I didn’t pay attention to this new service until a few days ago, when trying to find some optimizations around my blog.

Amplify Logo

The conclusion is simple, all my pipeline could be trashed right away, this new service is all I need, but with the advantage to be fully managed by AWS, zero-config, with few more features.


I’ve just followed few steps to get started:

  1. Linked my Github blog repository to Amplify Console (with newly available free private repository)
  2. Added master branch
  3. Connect draft branch
  4. setup a password protected draft branch
  5. setup my domain (included Certificate Manager and CloudFront)

Please follow this great medium post for a detailed step by step guide.


Regarding the pricing of this service, you pay for two features: build and hosting

If I assume I’m posting every day (this will not happen, for sure) with 3 minutes build time, and 1GB stored and 4GB served by month


  • $0.01 * 3 min * 365 days = $10,95 per year


  • $0,023 per GB Stored = $0,023 * 12GB = $0,276

  • $0,15 per GB Served = $0,15 * 4GB * 12 months = $7,2

Total: 10,95+0,276+7,2 = $18,4 per year

Thanks AWS for this great tool to make my blog post a streamlined experience and plumbing free. It just works.

More information: AWS Amplify

That’s all folks!