My DevOps toolbox for AWS practitioner

In this post, you will find my best tools to work with if you are playing around with AWS Services.

Please let us know yours in the comments below 👊

Last Update: 2019-02-14

General 🚧

Description Links
Use multiple AWS Accounts on the same browser using Firefox Containers Firefox Containers
Facilitate your switch role experience with this AddOn FF - Extend Switch Roles - Chrome - Extend Switch Roles
Easy way to know your current public ip, using AWS Service What is my Public IP
Check if any website is hosted on AWS Is It on AWS?
Test the reachability of EC2 worldwide EC2 Reachability
A great reference for IAM, needs to be updated Cloudonaut IAM Reference
AWS Transferts costs are a nightmare, this is intended to help a bit AWS Transferts Costs
Want to know the current inter AWS Region latency? Inter-Region Latency
THE REFERENCE (don’t forget the associate Slack) AWS Open Guide

FinOps 💵

Description Links
Compare all existing EC2 instances, and pricing on a single view, with search capabilities
Well known AWS Calculator, a new version is coming AWS Calc

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) 📝

Description Links
Great post if your plan to use VSCode with CFN VSCode
Linter for CFN, and really up-to-date! cfn-lint
pycharm is my preferred IDE for Terraform with this plugin Terraform

Security / Governance / Hardening 🔦

Description Links
Cloud Governance, Security and compliance made it easy Cloud Custodian
Entirely nuke an AWS Account (warning), for example, training accounts aws-nuke
Store your AWS credential encrypted, and other cool feature like: login AWS-Vault
Least Privileges tool from 0xdabbad00, using Athena and CloudTrail CloudTracker
Map / Audit your AWS environments, and much more, Thanks again Scott CloudMapper

Schema 📐

Description Links
Schema / Design your Architecture (with new AWS icons)
Same, with some advanced paid features ($) CloudCraft

See ya Folks.

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