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Since my last post, on how to deal with information Overload and reading pipeline, I’ve created a free digest newsletter about AWS Security.

The goal of this curated AWS Security Digest is to condensate what was happening from last week on the most relevant sources:

  • 🔦 A Highlight of the week
  • 👮 Change since last week on AWS Managed IAM Policies
  • 💌 Curated Cloud Security Newsletters
  • 👀 AWS API changes
  • 🔒 IAM Permissions changes
  • 🆙 Most upvoted posts on r/AWS
  • 🔗 Top shared links on Twitter (by cloudsec folks)
  • 🐦 Most engaged Tweets from the community

This is an ongoing side project, so more content will be added over time.

After this tweet, I’ve reached more than 2000+ subscriptions, with famous folks from Netflix, AWS, HPE, Dell, Pfizer, Proofpoint, MongoDB, Kellogg, and other well-known companies, thanks for your trust! 👏

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