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Since my last post, on how to deal with information Overload and reading pipeline, I’ve created a digest free newsletter about AWS Security.

The goal of this curated AWS Security Digest is to condensate what was happening from last week on the most relevant sources:

  1. Best of breed AWS Security Twitter Accounts, tweet with most engagement ❤️
  2. Most relevant Newsletters 📰
  3. Newly launched AWS Security Services and Updates to existing ones 🌟
  4. Official AWS SNS Topics: GuardDuty, IP Changes 🆕
  5. Multiple RSS Feeds like AWS Security Bulletins, IAM Release Notes, etc.. ✨
  6. Most Upvoted reddit posts (r/aws, r/netsec, r/cloudsecurity) 🆙

This is an ongoing side project, so more content will be added over time.

After this tweet, I’ve reached more than 160 subscriptions, with famous folks from Netflix, AWS, HPE, Kellogg, and other well-known companies, thanks for your trust! 👏

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That’s all folks!


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